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Step 3: How to Add properties

Adding a property on eGO is a simple and easy process.

In order to so just follow the steps listed below:

Please, locate ‘Properties’ in the functions bar on the left and select it. Then, on the top right-hand side of your window, select ‘New Property’;




On the next section, please fill-in all the general information about your property. You can start by adding the Property type, its Location and the Business type;





When you scroll down the page, you can add ‘More Business’ and fill-in the ‘Property Description’ field.



In this next section, add ‘Photos’ and ‘More Multimedia’ (here you will have a wide variety of options such as: Panoramic Photos, Logos, Plans, and more);





Next, please choose the site and portals where your property will be Published, add the Owner and the Real Estate Contract;



Under ‘Advanced Settings’ you can associate the property to a Development, define a salesperson, a broker, or associate any other relevant contacts;


In this section, you can also designate an Advertising Sign, define Commissions and fill-in any remaining property features;



If you are adding a ‘Holiday Rental’ property you will need to choose, or create, a template where you can add ‘Seasonal Prices’, ‘Cancellation Policy Description’ and ‘Number of Nights’. You can also designate a ‘Person Responsible’ or ‘Team’ and define who can see or edit this property;



After you are finished filling-in all the information, you can save your progress and publish your property by pressing the ‘Save Property’ button on the top right-hand side, or at the bottom of your page. The property will then be available under the ‘Properties’ tab.



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