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eGO Real Estate Platform updates – January 2018

eGO Real Estate platform updates – January 2018


eGO Real Estate platform  updates – January 2018



  • The Marital Status field has been added to the available listing fields for the Contact fill rate.
  • You can set up more than one language for a Contact. The preferred language will always be the first on the chosen language’s list. If you want to set a new preferred language, just select the option next to the language.



  • If there are no associated Opportunities when registering a presentation, a popup will be opened to search and select an Opportunity.
  • The option “Match with all opportunities” has been added to the “Associate a Property to an Opportunity” button.
  • Price and Source / Sub Origin fields have been added to the field listing associated to the Property fill rate.



  • Filling rate was implemented for Sale, Rent and Listing
  • The permission to Change Status to Won/Lost has been divided into two new permissions:

Change Status to Won – allows you to change the Opportunity’s status to Won.

      – Change Status to Lost – allows you to change the Opportunity’s status to Lost.



  • A new permission that allows users to manage types of tasks has been created. To perform this management, users must activate the permission Manage task types.



Email Sending

  • When sending an email through eGO, you can choose different senders:

Company Email: Email registered in the company’s settings.

User Email: eGO user’s email.

Custom Email: Customize the sender’s name and email.

  • The possibility of receiving a copy of the email in CC is now available.

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